I am running for a seat on the Va. Beach School Board for the following reasons:

So that EVERY child will receive a well-rounded education that entails instruction in reading, writing, math, history, philosophy, literature, and the arts and sciences.

That EVERY student will experience teaching that is both relevant and rigorous, and is grounded in the principles of “how to think” instead of “what to think”.

EVERY parent knows that when they drop their children off at the school house doors, that they are still their children, and a partnership should be formed between the parent, the student, and the teacher.

That EVERY female student can feel safe and secure whether they are in a classroom, a restroom, or a locker room.

That EVERY parent has the right to be able to opt their children out of instructions or assignments that they feel are inappropriate.

That EVERY parent can have a greater degree of choice in schooling options, such as additional Charter Schools.

That EVERY parent has the right to know that NOTHING that pertains to their child will be intentionally withheld from them, as the parent.